Stable Steps for LICT & 2018 the Highest Volume since Six Years Ago

LICT has finished 2018 with steady steps, as it is the ninth years of the signed contract with LPGC to manage and operate Lattakia Port Terminal. 2018 was the best volume since 2013, where LICT’s containers handling volume for 2018 reached (332532 TEUs for 373 vessels) with increment reached about 14%  compared to 2017 (291958 TEUs). This volume indicates the recovery of the maritime trade particularly in handling container through Lattakia port.


Due the concerted efforts between the different fields (administrative & operational) at LICT, 2018 has witnessed several positive indicators including:
-    The readiness of equipment’s increased to reach about 80%. 
-    Decreasing the average container retention rate at Lattakia Port in general, as this is a good indictor about the operational performance at LICT.
-    Container handling volume for 2018 at LICT was the best since 2013.
-    Non-interruption of basic equipment during 2018, with noting a significant reduction in accidents and damages at LICT in general.
-    In spite of some difficulties that faced LICT during the replacement process of (160 employees from LPGC), LICT has implement the replacement process without any negative impact on the terminal operations.
-    Rehabilitation of infrastructure within different places at LICT’s sectors, that contributes in improving operational services with keeping on safety and security of handled goods within containers.
LICT appreciated the main role of the manpower at the terminal therefore, a several instructions has been taken as the following:
-    All health- insured employees at LICT included in life & disability insurance (regardless of their cause), in addition to the Social Insurance Law.
-    All employees are rewarded an annual bonus for 2018 under the applied conditions and principles. 
-    LICT’s employees are granted a salary incensement reached (10 %) which will be effected by January 2019.
Consequently, in accordance with the terms of the signed contract and the settlement with LPGC, during 2018 LICT has supplied new equipment (eight Forklifts from one of most famous brands /CATERPILLAR with cost (one hundred million SYP).
LICT is committed to provide best services 24/7, as it will strive to promote Lattakia Port situation during 2019 due to the commitment of supporting the national economy during the construction movement to promote our beloved country in all fields.