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 2017 the Highest Productivity since Five Years Ago

In terms of productivity, 2017 was the best year at LICT since 2013, where LICT’s containers handling volume for 2017 reached (291958 TEUs) for 313 vessels with increment reached to 15, 21% from 2016 (253415 TEUs). This productivity indicates the recovery of the maritime trade particularly in handling containers which conveys the public and private goods through Lattakia Port.

Despite of many challenges and penalties facing the transport maritime sector with all its institutions and facilities, LICT was able to attract most important shipping lines, as it is noticed during last year, to Lattakia port through investing all resources especially human resources, technical equipment and information systems that implemented at this sector.

Consequently, LICT keeps on developing its equipment due the terms of contract with LPGC. During 2017, LICT has imported the fourth batch of the nine straddle carriers, “two Straddle Carries”, brand KALMAR (CSC440) each with 40 Tons capacity and made by the Finnish Company CARGOTEC. In addition to rehabilitate all roads and yards in the terminal, the periodic maintenance of lighting towers and providing all required elements needed for production process, in order to achieve best services and good productivity.

Within the plan for rehabilitate and developed the terminal infrastructure, on 2017 LICT has opened the most advanced data center in Syria “Green Data Center” that cost (150) million SYP.

Knowing that LICT keeps on improving Lattakia Port in terms of good services which reflected in good revenue, and provide excellent services 24/7.