Providing a global approach to Lattakia Port in handling our business, with excellence, innovation and drive aiming at essential work philosophy of exceptional customer service.


LICT aims to exceed customer expectations by providing modern facilities and tailored solutions, to be Syria’s Gateway of choice for container logistics.


Our values reflect seven basic principles that our service mainly depends on, which together spell T.H.E B.E.S.T

Teamwork: communication, cooperation and collective effort towards shared goals.

Honesty: dealing with fairness, integrity and commitment.

Empowerment: listen to the constructive critics and try our best to harmonize same with obstacles of business progress.

Building Good Relations: seeking for best means and sustainable communication with stakeholders, employees and customers.

Excellence: achieving the highest quality of work with consistent commitment to meet the requirements and professionalism global standards that match our local environment.

Safety Orientation: being aware of offering a safe and healthy work environment thus matching with work progress and minimizing accidents.

Typical Service: providing innovative services to ensure optimum achievement results through market competitiveness. 

Lattakia International Container
Terminal LLC
Lattakia Port, Lattakia, Syria
Tel: +963 41 5011
Fax: +963 41 463014