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The Ministry of Transportation - Lattakia Port General Company announced in 2007 an international bid to operate the Container Terminal within the Lattakia port.

International port operating companies submitted offers. An Offer was submitted by the consortium of CMA - CGM, Terminal Link and Souria Holding. This consortium was successful in the bid subsequently lead to the establishment of a Syrian limited liability company, Lattakia International Container Terminal (LICT) to commence operating and managing the Lattakia Container Terminal.

The contract signed between LICT and Lattakia Port General Company (LPGC) is the first project between the public and private sectors operating under the principle of shared revenue. LICT will fully operate the Container Terminal based on a distribution of revenue with additional capital investment by LICT of 40 Million US Dollar over a 10 year period.

Lattakia International Container Terminal commenced operations in October 1, 2009 and the handover was successfully  chieved over a short period of time, overcoming difficulties in training the existing work force based on international container terminal operating standards. To date LICT have employed and trained a labor force in excess of around 700 employees covering expertise under operations and management. A fully computerized Terminal Operating System has been implemented, electronically controlling all movement of containers in the terminal.

The contract signed with LPGC is for 10 years extendable for another 5 years. LICT is entrusted to provide a permanent gateway in the Mediterranean region and play an important strategic role in serving both the Syrian foreign trade and its neighboring countries.

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