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LICT has launched a New Green Data Center

Lattakia International Container Terminal has opened a new “Green Data Center” that cost (150) million SYP.

This DC is considered the most advanced center in Syria that relying on IT & IS teams at LICT. It is designed according to latest equipment’s and most important international technologies used to comply with international standards and conditions.

This project comes within LICT plan for rehabilitate and developed the terminal infrastructure due the terms of the signed contract with LPGC.

The new DC automates all operations and handling orders of handling containers, where the data is processed, stored, managed and disseminated for all sections and departments of LICT throughout the servers, which are the basis of "TOS" applied in the terminal. In addition to the financial and accounting, billing, warehouse, procurement, maintenance and other terminal sectors' systems.

The DC is designed according to the TIER III standards of the UPTIME INSTITUTE, which is a global leading center for data center evaluation. The center consists of several parts; per part have specific tasks and functions. The electrical part depends on three sources of electricity, each one worked when other source interrupts, which enables the terminal to maintain continuity of work without power failure in the center.

The second part consists of several parts including environmental monitoring devices, fire extinguishing systems, ventilation systems and 24/7 security surveillance systems.

Network devices are most important parts of DC. It's the core of transmitting large amount of data to perform all the operations in fractions of a second, because the network devices have high speeds and high precision specifications. One of the most important functions of the network devices is to connect all the terminal's facilities to the data center via fiber optic cables from two different paths at high speeds.

By this achievement, LICT will be able to meet requirements for coming years’ growing business in an efficient and appropriate technical environment.

It also enhances the capacity of Lattakia Port Container Terminal to cover the various needs of container services and highlights its role in contributing to the growth and technological development of our beloved country.LICT has launched a New Green Data Center2

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