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Under the joint cooperation between LICT and the Syrian public and the private educational sector, especially in the implementation of range of activities and events that include a training field tours for students in order to develop their practical skills. Where, on the basis of LICT faith in its role in creating a positive impression for the Syrian community towards the private sector in different fields in Syria particularly the maritime sector and handling containers, and in order to expand the students’ prospects and to help them in selecting the scientific and practical choice that commensurate their interests.

LICT hosted lately a student delegation from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport/ Logistics Management- fourth year in a special visit in order to attend a lecture about ways of handling containers and most important scientific, operational and logistics procedures applied at LICT.

Where Mr. Abdullah Fehde (and under the supervision of LICT CEO Mr. Naman Sari) has produced the student a simple explanations about handling containers and the most important logistical procedures that applied in LICT which achieve good productivity and revenues with best services provided to the clients.

Consequently, Mr. Sari informed that LICT keep in the joint cooperation, especially in supporting the Syrian Youth and encourages them to enter the world of business in order to achieve the renaissance and development at the local community, which would contribute in building better future for the Syrian Youth.

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