• Tariff

Special Services

Description Charge 20'(USD) 40'(USD)
Additional invoice charge Per Invoice 3
Port (loading or discharging) certificate charge Per Document 20
Additional Seal Per Seal 4.5
Lift a container from one place to another ( for cleaning repair or upon customer request ) Per Move 30
Cleaning a container (does not include lifting the container )
Per Container 35
Changing of container status (ownership)
Per Container 1
Overloading a container beyond rated capacity
Per Container 100
Non declaration of hazardous cargo
Per Container 100
Lashing / Unlashing (charged to vessel's agent) Per Container 1.5
Request a terminal representative upon inspection of container ( damage , shortage .. Etc) Per Container 65
Hire of Mobile Harbour Crane ( above 75 tons )
Per Hour or Part time
Hire of Gantry Crane
Per Hour or Part time 450
Hire of fork lift up to 4 ton capacity  Per Hour or Part time 20
Hire of fork lift from 4 up to 10 ton capacity
Per Hour or Part time 35
Hire of fork lift above 10 ton capacity  Per Hour or Part time 50
Hire of Straddle Carrier Per Hour or Part time 75
Hire of Truck
Per Hour or Part time 25

Additional Seal

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