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(624) Transshipment Containers on Corelli Vessel at LICT

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arkasThe vessel CORELLI arrived lately to Lattakia International Container Terminal, where (168 m, belongs to the Turkish shipping line Arkas) berthed at Lattakia port berths having 820 TEUS, 624 TEUS of them are different Transshipment Containers; (General Dry Containers, Open-top Containers and Refrigerated Containers).

P1120085_MediumThese transshipment containers deposited in Lattakia terminal according to the transshipment conditions and will recharge to another vessels to transfer it to Beirut & Egypt, where the rest of containers (196 TEUS) Syria is their final destination.

This vessel is considered the first in transferring such huge number of Transshipment Containers through Lattakia International Container Terminal, which made tireless effort in cooperation with LPGC to activate the transshipment activity in Lattakia port.

As it’s expected for these transshipment containers to be increased in LICT and this could be reflected positively on LICT and LPGC works together, as such services will make Lattakia port one of the important ports in the maritime industry in the eastern Mediterranean area and in the regional level as well.




Posted by administrator | July25, 2011

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