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Lattakia International Container Terminal and Lattakia Port General Company’s efforts yielded in the arrival of the first containers transshipment to Lattakia terminal. As it comes as a result of issuing a new competitive Tariff for transshipment containers, and by dedicating LICT a fenced yard for deposit such containers. This is in addition of being the customs regulations, which are related to these services and issued previously by the customs administration, seems to be simple, easy and flexible.

As lately first containers transshipment has arrived to Lattakia International Container Terminal as r preparation to recharging it. These containers can be considered as a start for the transshipment activity in the terminal, and it’s expected for these transshipment containers to be increased in LICT and this could be reflected positively on LICT and LPGC work as well.

It is worth to mentioning that the transshipment containers which are deposited in Lattakia terminal are belongs to the Turkish Line Arkas. It has been shipped from the Mersin port in Turkey, and will recharge it to another vessel to go to Limassol port at Cyprus.

The availability of such services in Lattakia terminal makes Lattakia port one of the important ports in the maritime industry in the eastern Mediterranean area and in the regional level.

Lattakia International Container Terminal is run by a consortium of CMA-CGM Group, Terminal-Link and Souria-Holding and is one of thirty terminals managed by CMA-CGM Group.

Posted by administrator | Mar 07, 2011

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