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As of September 2010, Lattakia International Container Terminal has successfully pioneered in Syria a successful phased implementation approach of Total Soft Bank’s Computer Automated Terminal Operating System (CATOS). Total Soft Bank is a maritime logistics solution company devoted to develop solutions for the maritime industry in ship automation, port solutions and up to the entire port community. TSB’s CATOS is a fully integrated Terminal Operating System covering gates, yards, rail & vessel operations.

Phase one implementation began last October 1, 2009 and was completed over a 1 month period where LICT started utilizing CATOS’s standard EDI processing, yard & vessel planning system to graphically plan yard and vessel activities increasing operational efficiencies.

Phase two implementation followed last June, 2010 and was completed on the 6th of September, 2010. With the completion of Phase two, LICT has now the ability to leverage the full capabilities of TSB’s CATOS Terminal Operating System to manage inventory, control gate, rail & quayside activity, exchange information with customers and stakeholders, providing complete control and visibility in all operations eventually leading to further boost in LICT’s productivity.

To date, LICT has seen an increase in productivity from 12 to 24 containers per hour and credits this boost, in large part, to the complete implementation of LICT’s Terminal Operating System. 

LICT expect to see further increases in productivity and efficiency after complete adaption of the system in all of LICT’s daily operations. In the end, it is all for providing better and more reliable service to LICT’s customers.

Posted by administrator | Oct 18, 2010

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