Systems & Technology

Lattakia International Container Terminal is committed to delivering secure, responsive, high-quality, customer-oriented services and support that foster productive operations for LICT's logistical community.

LICT achieves this mission by incorporating innovative technology products from the private sector with the highest-quality products and services developed internally. This cost-effective and balanced partnership helps to ensure that the LICT community continues to enjoy a solid technological infrastructure, reliable critical services and customer-focused support systems to meet needs of today and tomorrow.

Terminal Operating System

LICT completes implementation of its Terminal Operating System (TOS) on the 6th of September, 2010. The TOS replaces inefficient manual processes and extends operational control over critical management information.

With the TOS in place, LICT has now the ability to leverage its full capabilities to manage container inventory, control gate operations, rail & quayside activity, exchange information with customers and stakeholders using international standard EDI messages in real time. All this provides complete control and visibility in all operations eventually leading to further boost in LICT’s productivity.

With the TOS in control of all container management processes, Lattakia Container Port is enabled, for the first time, to accurately identify the exact location of all the terminal’s 40,000 individual containers distributed across LICT’s 67 hectare yard.

As each container is received into the terminal via truck or vessel, the TOS automatically plans the position of the container and is then executed by LICT’s container handling equipment based on instructions provided by the TOS. Communication link is achieved via wireless ruggedized data terminals installed in every container handling equipment supported under a narrowband communication frequency, first to be implemented in Syria. The wireless data terminals allows access for the equipment drivers to quickly receive notifications of jobs, change the status of a container, move it in the system, manage tasks and search container information, all from the cab of the machine.

With the TOS’s Vessel planning & Yard planning management system, LICT is given the ability to properly utilize & maximize the terminal’s berth, yard & equipment allowing LICT to handle greater volume while reducing vessel turnaround time. In addition, yard space utilization is maximized and gate operations truck dwell time is reduced. 

Overall, the result of LICT’s successful implementation of the TOS speaks for itself. The most dramatic improvement for Lattakia Port has been the quality, accuracy and speed of relaying information leading to higher productivity.